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Wealth Management

Risk Management

No one can see the future, but in the world of wealth management the ability to forecast potential financial risks can help down the road. With Savage Family Office we work tirelessly to identify and evaluate potential financial risks to help minimize their impact within your portfolio.

Tax Planning

Regardless of your financial situation, taxes are always a confusing and stressful time of the year. Luckily Savage Family Office is well versed in tax planning for all financial situations. We will work with you to align your financial goals with efficient tax planning to accomplish a financial plan in the most tax-efficient manner possible.
*Savage Family Office does not offer tax planning services, but may provide references to accounting or tax services providers. They may also work with your independent tax advisor.


We believe one of the biggest steps to creating and implementing a financial plan is to set and prioritize financial goals. Savage Family Office offers a comprehensive team that can provide sound budgeting tactics to help you make sure you reach those financial goals. Regardless of the size of your portfolio, budgeting can be a useful tool to help ensure growth and stability moving forward.


Our team of insurance professionals provides an outstanding and compassionate level of service. Every person, family, or business has unique insurance needs, and we take a customized approach for our clients.Our goal is to provide the appropriate insurances you need, all in one place, with no hassle and no pressure.

At Savage Family Office, you will never feel like “just another client.” Each person we serve matters to us. You will notice the difference when you meet with one of our team members – you will experience genuine interest and care for your situation and your family, as we sincerely believe you deserve. Our goal is to help you find the right insurance solution, based upon your current situation and your plans for the future. We can help you get the right insurances in place, including the following types:

Savage Family Office Insurance Solutions provides the following types of insurance protection: