Do You Need a Will?

Here’s Why You Need One I get it. No one likes talking about Wills because no one likes thinking about death—and I don’t blame you. The world feels heavy and we all need an escape from the endless onslaught of doomsday scenarios and daily responsibilities. However, this mindset about Wills has led many of us […]

Misconceptions About Homeowner’s Insurance: Misconception – Your Home is Insured for Its Market Value

One misconception about homeowner’s insurance is whether or not your home is insured for its market value. Now we need to learn whether your home is insured for what it would cost to rebuild or its market value. This is an extremely common misconception among homeowners and can be devastating to expect a large amount […]

Misconceptions About Auto Insurance: Misconception – Personal Auto Insurance Also Covers Business Use of Your Car

Now another big misconception is that people believe that personal auto insurance also covers business use of your car. Now personal car insurance is just that, personal. Now if you use your personal vehicle for professional use like Rideshare. You’re driving Uber or Lyft or anything like that or company travel, your personal policy may […]

Misconceptions About Auto Insurance: Misconception – The Law Only Requires You to Have Only the Minimum Amount of Liability Coverage

Another misconception about insurance is that the law only requires you to have the minimum amount of auto liability insurance. Now nearly every State requires that you buy a minimum amount of auto liability coverage, but buying only the minimum amount of liability means you’re likely to pay more out of pocket for losses incurred […]

Misconceptions About Auto Insurance: Your Insurance Will Cover You If Your Car Is Stolen or Vandalized

Another misconception about insurance coverage is that, people think that your insurance will cover you if your car is stolen, vandalized or damaged by a falling tree, limbs., hail, flood, fire things like that. Now this is only true, if you opt for comprehensive and collision coverage along with your standard policy. If your car […]

Misconceptions About Auto Insurance: Misconception – Insurance Policies Are the Same Across All Carriers

Now there are a few misconceptions about auto insurance. Now many people assume that insurance policies are the same across all carriers. Now this could not be further from the truth. While many carriers offer similar policies. The quality and specifics of the coverage will vary depending on the company. Now for instance, the underwriting […]

Misconceptions About Legal Service Plans: Misconception #2 – Legal Service Plans Offer Limited Service Areas

Another misconception is that there are limited coverage areas and that the attorneys have limited experience. Now LegalShield provides nationwide coverage for its members in all 50 states and all provinces in Canada. That means, a member living in one state can have access to legal assistance and another. The attorneys have an average of […]

Misconceptions About Legal Service Plans: Misconception #1 – Legal Service Plans Serve as Malpractice Insurance for Attorneys

All right, there’s a misconception that legal service plans, it’s malpractice insurance for attorneys. However, legal service plans improve access and affordability of attorneys for people just like you and I with legal issues. Now just like health insurance helps improve access and affordability of doctors for those dealing with medical issues. LegalShield is for […]

The Inspiration Behind Savage Family Office

I was asked to share my why. Inspired by my dad’s blue-collar work ethic. For 38 years of my life, I watched him grind. His work ethic inspired me to grind and never give up when challenges got tough. And now that I’m a father of three, my why is to leave the pile higher […]

Welcome to the Savage Family Office

Unexpected legal questions arise every single day. And with LegalShield on your side, you’ll have access to quality law firms for covered personal situations even 24 hour a day seven day a week access for emergency situations, right. Now let’s be honest. Legal issues get expensive, time is valuable and at up to $500 per […]