Misconceptions About Legal Service Plans: Misconception #1 – Legal Service Plans Serve as Malpractice Insurance for Attorneys

All right, there’s a misconception that legal service plans, it’s malpractice insurance for attorneys. However, legal service plans improve access and affordability of attorneys for people just like you and I with legal issues. Now just like health insurance helps improve access and affordability of doctors for those dealing with medical issues. LegalShield is for anyone dealing with legal issues in their life. Whether you’re signing a contract or a document, you’re buying or selling a home, you get a moving traffic violation or you’re dealing with an excessive auto mechanic who’s overcharging you for a repair. Another misconception about legal service plans is that they don’t allow you to create a relationship with a trusted legal team. Now with LegalShield that’s far from the truth. LegalShield members are more likely to establish an ongoing relationship with attorneys and use them for future services. In fact, more than 86% of people with memberships, maintain their memberships year after year. And are more likely to consult with their LegalShield provider attorney as situations arise when compared to those without LegalShield.

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